Ablify Compulsive Behavior Attorneys

Abilify Compulsive Behavior Attorneys


Our nationally renowned dangerous drug attorneys are currently reviewing potential claims for individuals who have experienced a strong compulsion to gamble, over eat, shop or engage in other dangerous and out-of-control behaviors while taking Abilify.

Abilify is prescribed to treat a variety of disorders including schizophrenia, irritability, agitation, depression and mania. It is also prescribed to control anger and aggression in some children with autism. Abilify can also be prescribed for patients along with another anti-depressant (called a serotonin reuptake inhibitor) for more severe depressive disorders.


The goal of a medication like Abilify is to help people suffering with these conditions to lead more normal lives. But in some cases, the drug has been found to do more harm than good and serious side effects are now being alleged. In fact, as of July 2013, there have been reports of at least eight cases of compulsive gambling in patients taking Abilify. In all eight cases, the urge to gamble also stopped when the patients stopped taking the medication. Other compulsive behaviors reported by patients after beginning or increasing their dose of Abilify include over- eating, over- shopping, and hypersexuality.


The drug was developed and manufactured by Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., headquartered in Japan, and Bristol-Myers Squibb, headquartered in New York. These companies, as the manufacturers of Abilify, had a duty to ensure the medication they sold was adequately tested and researched and  to provide appropriate warnings about any potential risks, including  the potential risk of compulsive behavior. And while the drug contains warnings about other side effects such as suicidal thoughts or increased risk of death in elderly patients with dementia, it does not mention compulsive behavior – specifically, gambling. In the meantime, the medication continues to bring in billions of dollars for Otsuka and Bristol-Myers while more patients may find themselves at risk.


The makers of Abilify have faced serious allegations before as well. In 2007, the manufacturers agreed to pay $515 million to settle charges that it illegally promoted the off-label use of Abilify and other medications. The U.S. Department of Justice had charged that Bristol Myers-Squibb paid doctors illegal kickbacks in the form of consulting fees and trips to induce them to buy and prescribe the company’s drugs. Among other things, the drug maker was charged with promoting Abilify for pediatric use, and as a treatment for dementia-related psychoses, neither of which was approved by the FDA. These new allegations regarding an increased risk for compulsive behavior are just the latest in a long line of risks attributed to the drug.


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If you or a loved one has been experiencing  compulsive behaviors, such as gambling, while taking Abilify, contact one of the professional and knowledgeable attorneys at Bernheim Dolinsky Kelley today for a free, no obligation consultation.