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Boston Scientific Vaginal Mesh Lawyers

The Boston Scientific vaginal mesh lawyers at the firm of Bernheim Dolinsky Kelley, L.L.C. are currently investigating more than one transvaginal mesh lawsuit on behalf of women who have suffered significant pain or injury after being implanted with these potentially defective medical devices.  Vaginal mesh, also known as bladder sling or pelvic mesh is used to repair pelvic organ prolapse (POP) or stress urinary incontinence, but has proven to cause devastating injuries.  In fact, vaginal mesh has been linked to so many injuries that the FDA has stated that they see no benefit of pelvic mesh over other surgical methods for treating pelvic organ prolapse. 

In medical product liability lawsuits, Boston Scientific can be ordered to remit substantial compensation to women who have been harmed by their devices.  If you are interested in learning more about transvaginal mesh lawsuits, we encourage you to contact us today for a free legal consultation.  A nationally respected law firm, we offer each of our clients:

  • Confidential consultations at no charge
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  • Personal attention: we will visit your home or hospital to conduct business at your convenience

Boston Scientific Vaginal Mesh Problems

Hundreds of women who were treated for pelvic organ prolapse or stress urinary incontinence with Boston Scientific vaginal mesh have suffered severe pain and significant injury.  Complications reported in association with Boston Scientific products include:

  • Erosion of mesh into the vagina
  • Erosion of mesh into other pelvic organs
  • Organ perforation
  • Shrinkage or contraction of vaginal mesh
  • Migration of pelvic mesh
  • Formation of substantial scar tissue
  • Pain
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Formation of fistulas and granulomas
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Pain during urination
  • Recurrence of POP (pelvic organ prolapse)
  • Infection

Boston Scientific Vaginal Mesh Products

Boston Scientific vaginal mesh products were fast-tracked through the approval process under the FDA’s 510(k) Premarket Notification System.  Under this highly controversial system, medical devices can be cleared for public use if they are very similar to devices that have already been approved.  This allows potentially defective medical devices to enter the market without thorough premarket testing, and has led to an influx of potentially dangerous devices being used on innocent and trusting patients.

Our attorneys are currently accepting vaginal mesh lawsuits surrounding more than one Boston Scientific vaginal mesh product.  Pelvic mesh or bladder sling systems made by Boston Scientific include:

  • Advantage Fit Transvaginal Mid-Urethral Sling System
  • Lynx Suprapublic Mid-Urethral Sling System
  • Obtryx Transobturator Mid-Urethral Sling
  • Pinnacle Pelvic Floor Repair Kit
  • Prefyx PPS Pelvic Sling System
  • Solynx SIS Vaginal Sling System
  • Uphold Vaginal Support System

Recall of Boston Scientific Vaginal Mesh

Boston Scientific voluntarily issued a recall for their Pinnacle Pelvic Floor Repair Kits in August 2011.  The recall was based on the discovery of a flaw in these kits that could precipitate needle detach during surgery to treat pelvic organ prolapse.  Unfortunately, more than 500 of these pelvic floor repair kits had already been sold to surgeons throughout the United States, and many women who have been implanted with this device have suffered severe consequences.

Boston Scientific Vaginal Mesh Lawsuits

A number of women who suffered pain, injury, or other Boston Scientific vaginal mesh complications have taken a step towards justice by filing dangerous medical device lawsuits against Boston Scientific.  In medical product liability lawsuits, our attorneys can hold Boston Scientific accountable for negligence in the following forms:

  • Failure to adequately test vaginal/pelvic mesh and bladder slings
  • Failure to warn of dangers and risks associated with transvaginal mesh

In 2004, doctors and scientists the World Health Organization 3rd International Consultation on Incontinence highlighted the unacceptably high rate of painful and potentially permanent side effects linked to vaginal mesh products.  In light of this information, our vaginal mesh lawyers can argue that Boston Scientific was aware of the potential dangers their products posed, but that they displayed gross negligence when they chose to favor profit over patient safety when they continued to make and market their pelvic mesh products.

Contact Respected Boston Scientific Vaginal Mesh Lawyers

As the manufacturers of vaginal mesh that caused significant harm and injury to innocent women, Boston Scientific is legally bound to remit substantial compensation to injured parties in dangerous medical device lawsuits, a form of personal injury litigation.  If you or a woman close to you has suffered pain or injury as a result of Boston Scientific vaginal mesh, don’t hesitate: a statute of limitations may infringe on your right to compensation for damages which may include medical bills, pain and suffering, and loss of consortium. Contact our Boston Scientific vaginal mesh lawyers today to schedule a free legal consultation.