Concerta Suicide Recall

Concerta Suicide Recall

Concerta is a drug prescribed to patients of all ages who have been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and may help these individuals achieve better mental focus and overcome certain behavioral issues associated with ADHD. However, Concerta and related medications have been associated by multiple scientific studies with an increased risk of psychiatric side effects which may prove dangerous or even deadly to patients, including mania, psychosis, hallucinations, and suicide.

In fact, Concerta has already been linked to at least 12 cases of suicidal ideations in very young patients and one completed suicide. In light of mounting reports of Concerta suicide risks, Health Canada has mandated that this and all other ADHD drugs carry warnings of suicide risks and other severe side effects. However, no such warning has been issued in the United States, and some individuals believe that a Concerta recall is the best and only way to protect possibly vulnerable patient populations from the risk of Concerta suicide.

Health Canada issues Concerta Suicide Warning

Health Canada warned of suicide risks associated with a specific ADHD drug, Strattera, in 2005. The regulatory agency then expanded that warning to apply to all ADHD drugs including Concerta in March 2015, stating, “New information has emerged since to suggest that the risk of suicidal thoughts and behaviours may apply to all other ADHD drugs.”

Regarding the risk of Concerta suicide, Health Canada said, “The new warnings advise that there have been reports of suicide-related events in patients treated with ADHD drugs. The reports involved thoughts of suicide, suicide attempts, and in a very small number of cases, completed suicide. These events have been reported at various times during treatment, particularly at the start or during dose changes, and also after stopping the drug treatment.”

Health Canada goes on to recommend that patients taking Concerta or another ADHD medication, “as well as their parents, families and friends, should monitor for suicidal thoughts and behaviours.” Doctors should be immediately alerted to any distressing thoughts or actions exhibited in Concerta patients, as well as any family histories of mental health issues which may make a patient more susceptible to Concerta psychosis, mania, hallucinations, or suicidal tendencies.

The warning issued by Health Canada regarding Concerta suicide is not a new concept. In fact, as early as 2009 studies linked Concerta and related drugs with an increased risk of suicidal thoughts, suicide attempts, and suicide. One study published in the Drug Safety Journal found that children under the age of 14 who use Concerta or another ADHD drug may be up to 162 times more apt to suffer from suicidal ideations or to attempt or commit suicide.

Cause for a Concerta Recall?

Though there has not been a Concerta recall issued in the United States at this time, the warning about Concerta suicide risks conveyed by Health Canada more than one year ago highlight very serious and potentially fatal Concerta side effects. In light of the fact that multiple scientific studies and adverse event reports show that Concerta may increase the risk of mania, psychosis, and suicidal ideations and actions, some may believe that this drug is unreasonably dangerous and should be removed from the market. If a Concerta recall is not issued, these individuals argue, then the drug should at least carry very strongly worded warnings in the United States to give doctors, patients, and their loved ones adequate warning of known Concerta suicide risks.

Concerta Suicide Lawsuits

Since Health Canada has already warned of Concerta suicide risks, many doctors, patients, and their loved ones may wonder why regulators in the United States have not taken similar action to warn of Concerta suicide risks or even to initiate a Concerta recall.

It is only when a person is fully aware of all potential side effects associated with a medication that he or she can make an educated decision about whether to use that medication. Additionally, proper warnings of Concerta suicide risks can help the people around Concerta users be alert to and identify possible signs of mood or behavior changes which may signal issues of grave concern.

If you believe that warnings of Concerta suicide risks or a Concerta recall may have spared you or someone you love suffering, you may be entitled to potentially substantial compensation for your damages. For more information on Concerta suicide lawsuits, please contact our experienced and compassionate personal injury lawyers to schedule a free and confidential legal consultation.