Dehumidifier Recall Lawyers | Dehumidifier Ignition, Fire Risks

Dehumidifier Recall Lawyers

Our dangerous products lawyers are currently investigating lawsuits on behalf of consumers who suffered serious injury or property damage due to a fire caused by a defective Gree dehumidifier. More than 2 million Gree dehumidifiers (sold under a number of brand names) were recalled in 2013 because a defective design made ignition and dehumidifier fires a very real risk. Despite evidence of their knowledge of these risks more than a full year before the recall was issued, Gree continued to make and sell these dangerous products.

A History of Dehumidifier Recalls for Fire Risk

In September 2013, the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) and the Chinese company Gree Electric Appliances Inc. issued a recall for more than 2 million dehumidifiers. It has been determined that these dehumidifiers may overheat and could ignite, posing significant danger of serious injury and property damage to consumers. At the time of the recall, the CPSC had “received reports of 325 incidents, including 71 fires and $2,725,000 in property damage” linked to the dangerous dehumidifiers.

The Gree recalled dehumidifiers were sold between January 2005 and August 2013 and could feature any of the following brand names:

  • Danby
  • De’Longhi
  • Fedders
  • Fellini
  • Frigidaire
  • Gree
  • Kenmore
  • Norpole
  • Premiere
  • Seabreeze
  • SoleusAir
  • SuperClima

The fact that these Gree dehumidifiers can overheat, begin to smoke, and even ignite while running is especially troublesome because humidifiers, designed to remove moisture from the air, are typically left running and unattended at all times. If you own a dehumidifier made by Gree and sold under one of the above-mentioned brand names, you are instructed to unplug the device immediately and return it for a full refund.

In addition to the recent Gree dehumidifier recall, there have been multiple other recalls of dehumidifiers based on a high risk of overheating and igniting. In 2012 and in 2013, Sears recalled more than 800,000 Kenmore dehumidifiers, and in 2011 the CPSC recalled more than 100,000 Goldstar and Comfort-Aire Dehumidifiers.

Recalled Dehumidifier Lawsuits

Gree does not simply face lawsuits brought by consumers who purchased defective dehumidifiers. One company that supplied Gree dehumidifiers, Soleus, acted to protect consumers by alerting both Gree and federal regulatory authorities of numerous reports of problems with Gree dehumidifiers. Soleus even paid for independent testing of the dehumidifiers after reports of defects, property damage, and injuries began to surface late in 2012. They determined that substandard materials were used and that the units were not properly manufactured, so they stopped selling Gree dehumidifiers in 2012. They also reported their findings to the CPSC. Soleus later claimed that Gree retaliated against them for these actions, and filed a $150 million lawsuit against Gree claiming that the company knowingly manufactured and sold defective devices and that they caused Soleus to lose significant market share by retaliating against them.

Given the records of Soleus’ warnings to Gree about possible defects in these humidifiers which may lead to fires and injury or death to consumers, a number of individuals who have suffered due to a defective Gree dehumidifier have filed product liability lawsuits in pursuit of compensation. If you believe you may be eligible for compensation for your physical and financial damages in a Gree dehumidifier lawsuit, please contact us today.