Xarelto Attorneys

Xarelto Attorneys

Xarelto, a relatively new blood thinner, has been linked to serious and sometimes deadly incidents of uncontrollable bleeding. Notably, Xarelto, unlike other anticoagulants, is being sold without an antidote to stop its blood thinning effects, creating a life-threatening situation for many patients. Our experienced product liability lawyers are currently reviewing whether current and former Xarelto users who have experienced hemorrhages, gastrointestinal bleeding, strokes or wrongful death may be entitled to financial compensation. Cases are being pursued for individuals throughout the United States who have suffered severe and sometimes fatal bleeding events while using Xarelto.

Xarelto was promoted as a superior choice to another anticoagulant, warfarin, because it is easier to take and requires less frequent monitoring to maintain the correct dosage. While all anticoagulants carry a risk of bleeding, the blood thinning effects of warfarin can be reversed with a combination of vitamin K and plasma. Xarelto has no such reversal agent, making it difficult for doctors to stop bleeding events before serious injury or death occurs. 

In September 2013, the German newspaper Der Speigel reported that there had been nearly 1,000 adverse events involving Xarelto during the first eight months of 2013 alone, including 72 deaths. 

In May 2014, the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) reported that doctors and patients were reporting adverse events linked to the use of Xarelto in increasing numbers. ISMP reported in QuarterWatch that there were 680 Xarelto adverse events reported in the U.S. in 2013. The number of reports linked to Xarelto surpassed those linked to Pradaxa, which had once been the drug with the most adverse event reports.

The experienced attorneys at the nationally recognized products liability firm of Bernheim Dolinsky Kelley, LLC are currently working with individuals and their loved ones across the country to file claims in pursuit of just compensation after a patient has suffered from an uncontrolled bleeding event or other injury through the use of Xarelto.  

We invite you to learn more about the risks posed by this drug, along with your potential right to compensation from our nationally-respected attorneys. Contact an attorney at Bernheim Dolinsky Kelley today to schedule a free legal consultation where you will learn more about you and your family’s rights.